It's time to register for the Winter Term, which will run from January 8th to March 24th with no classes February 12th-16th.

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Winter Term Class Schedule

You may notice a gap in our schedule Mad Machines is missing!  Rest assured this series will be back up and running soon - in the meantime we hope you'll try one of our fabulous art or gardening classes instead.

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Family Membership runs from September 1st to August 31st and grants early access to registration, 10% discount on class and camp fees and supports our important Creative Minds program.

We are always open to your class ideas and questions - please email the office for more information at info@kaf.bm.



Hands On Art: Pre-School

KAF’s mission’s is to empower children – all children – through art education.  As we all know learning starts for children the day they are born.  The step to entering pre school education is something many families take for granted.  Children are exposed to group situations where they can grow socially and are introduced to educational basics in preparation for the coming school years.  There are a number of studies that support these common held beliefs, but also state children learn essential life skills that help them become successful adults.  Skills such as self control, openness and the ability to engage with others.   

Children learn by playing with textures and shapes, liquids and solids.  It can mean encouraging play in a tub full of dried rice or beans, water or shaving foam.  It can also mean giving them a free hand with a paint and paper.  Sensory learning is shown to encourage brain development and strengthen neural pathways, which are essential for learning.  Some say sensory play is messy.  At KAF we don’t mind the mess!   The lessons children are learning is what is important.   

Hands On Art: P1 & P2

KAF firmly believes in the importance of a sensory approach to art education.  Sensory learning is shown to encourage brain development and strengthen neural pathways, which are essential for learning.  Some say sensory play is messy.  At KAF we don’t mind the mess!   The lessons children are learning is what is important.   

KAF teachers show students new ways to appreciate the basics elements of art.  They will be taught the importance of colour, line, shape and form through art projects in two and three dimensions. The work of various artists will be used to demonstrate how individual style and techniques produce different effects. 

All of this is done through the use of literature.  Every lesson taught comes from a story book, poem or other written work, developing an understanding an fostering a love for reading and writing.


How Artists See: P3 & P4, P5 & P6

Moving on from the Hands On Art programme to something a bit meatier, this class is based on the How Artists See by Colleen Carroll, book series and will continue on with basic art concepts and techniques, while fostering an appreciation of artistic style. Importantly, it strengthens student’s own unique visual abilities. By posing challenging questions students will also be encouraged to form their own opinions and ask their own questions. All along they will create art projects using a wide variety of mediums that tie in with the core subjects they are studying in the classroom.


Fine Arts Studio: P6-M3

The scope of this class goes beyond traditional school curriculums and exposes students to a rich visual vocabulary, as they develop their own creative style. They will create a variety of mixed media art projects in the light of related art history. This class is for returning KAF students who can tap into existing talents while increasing their technical skills. 

Mad Machines P1-P6

Incorporating Science and Art, we introduce children to Simple machines. Devices with few or no moving parts that help make things easier. Students are introduced to the six types of simple machines — the wedge, wheel and axle, lever, inclined plane, screw, and pulley. From mini catapults to finger skateboards, we will explore these concepts through the fun of art and craftsmanship.


Our very popular Home School classes are offered again this term. We provide well-rounded art and garden lessons for children who are taught at home.


Hands on Garden and Science: Ages 2-4

Learn about the wonders of gardening with a hands-on class to captivate your child’s natural curiosity and instill a love of the garden whilst building motor skills and vocabulary.   Children will learn to tend their garden plot, sing songs, create nature crafts and harvest and taste their produce.  With KAF’s signature sensory learning, this class will be full of exploration and discovery.

How Gardens Grow: P1-P3

From planting to harvest, then kitchen to plate, children learn where their food comes from and how to prepare it.  Identifying plants by smell, look, feel, and taste allows the children to create and maintain a successful garden whilst learning applied math and science lessons.  Throw in some wacky science experiments and fun building projects and this class is sure to instill a love of nature while engaging natural curiosity. 


Don’t see a class that fits your schedule?  An idea to keep in mind is our Create A Class option.  If you have another time in mind or if you are looking for a different medium and know of other children who would be interested in participating as well, let us know and we can try and set up a class for you.